A Chopra List Worth Learning Early

Quick copy+paste from Deepak Chopra’s recent musings: “A Better Way to Think About Your Body”.  Fast-track to his list at the end for an example of something we should have learned as children.

Mind-oriented practices like meditation improve well-being throughout the system, all the way down to the genetic level.

There is abundant and mounting evidence that all of these things are true, which means that a systems model has reality on its side, more so than the machine model. In reality, your body is a process, not a thing. Well-being depends on finding your flow, in terms of a relaxed but alert mental state, a steady positive mood about your life, following the natural rhythm of rest and activity, taking realistic, practical steps to reduce stress, respecting the need for a good night’s sleep, avoiding toxins, and relying on your body’s intelligence.


It’s the last point that will radically change people’s behaviour, I believe. Our basic attitude should be a reliance on the intelligence that is innate in every cell. Instead of seeing the body as a machine that, like a new car, must deteriorate over time, we should see it as a system that learns, adapts, and improves over time. In short, we need to let the body take care of us, for that is what it’s actually doing. The one thing this amazingly self-sufficient system needs from you is better input. A host of things constitute better input:

– Whatever makes you happier.

– Being more relaxed and accepting.

– Strong self-esteem, a sense of worth.

– Being of service to others, giving.

– Showing generosity of spirit.

– Loving, nurturing relationships.

– Any activity that makes you feel light in mind and body.

– Taking time to play, and having a playful attitude.

– Not stressing out other people.

– Devoting yourself to projects that have real meaning and purpose.

– Being self-aware.

– Expanding our awareness. Growing and maturing from the inside.

– Being comfortable with your inner world.

– Working through negative emotions like anger, envy, and fear.

– Self-acceptance.

– Reverence for Nature.

– Faith and a belief in a higher power, whatever that may be.

Damn straight…

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