Remission. Closure. And A Change Of Venue.

Dear Everyone,

I hope you are well, happy and thriving out there during this awkwardly turbulent time in the world.

So, it’s been over 9 months now since my life, and that of my family was somewhat turned upside down, in the cruelest and unexpected of ways. It’s also been 9 months since we received such an epic outpouring of love and support that to this day, we still can’t quite get over it.

I recall trying to clumsily express our thanks and gratitude in a Facebook post at the end of last year. And on that same note, I promised I’d do my level best to thank everyone in the most appropriate way possible; by getting well again.

Well, I’m delighted to share with you today that the results of my recent biopsy – the crucial one they do 3 months after the bone marrow transplant – shows no sign of the disease. In other words, it’s finally time to bust out my REMISSION t-shirt!

On hearing the news the other day, my wife and I were strangely subdued for what should have been a champagne occasion. On reflection, I believe this is partly due to having been so certain for so long that all would turn out ok, that it wasn’t exactly breaking news. But also, the news represented a degree of closure on what has been a deeply testing and emotional adventure for all. So I guess we couldn’t help but get sucked back momentarily, into silently pondering some of the memories and experiences we had to face together. Naturally, most being extremely unwelcome.

But that’s passed, and today is beyond fantastic. And I find myself overflowing with gratitude once again. To all of you that came to our aid and support at such a mind-numbingly difficult time.

To my immediate family, who put aside so much to help me through this, and gave their time and love unconditionally whenever, and for whatever I and the fight needed.

But most of all to my extraordinarily fabulous, patient and loving wife and daughter, who have both been through so much. During the low times, I often brooded to myself how little anyone can really understand what it’s like being the one fighting a disease like cancer. But the same is true of my loved ones that had to come along for the ride. That had to live every day with the pain of watching me go through such an awful ordeal, bearing the added anxiety and stress that must come with all the ‘what if’s” along the way. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been. You two are the true heroines in this tale. And words can’t express how much I love you both. We did it.

Mother & Daughter

From an official allopathic medical perspective, my disease is not curable yet. But that opinion factors in neither the power of the human spirit nor the immovable truth that nothing heals more powerfully and deeply than the mind.  So as far as I am concerned; that’s that. The show’s over. And you can all go home quietly…

Peace and calm


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  1. Wow, that is really good news!! well done Chris and lots of love to you all… may your days be filled with love, light and all of life’s wonderful things..

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