A Dispatch On The Root Cause

Recently I reached out to someone who lives with the same disease as I do. He’s quite a well-known expert in his field and co-author of an excellent book (that everyone should read); Cancer Killers. 

Since he had beaten the disease naturally, I asked for his advice. He very graciously took the time to reply. His message was simple; “The disease is the symptom, attacking the symptom won’t cure you, you need to find and fix the root cause”.

Naturally, I reflected a lot on what he shared, and disease aside, it struck me as to how central, and essential that truth is to so many other areas of our lives.

We grow up, learning from our parents, teachers and even doctors, that treating the symptoms of a problem or illness is all we need to do to feel better. But how much stronger, healthier and freer would we be if we took the time to go deeper, and really understand the underlying root cause of whatever it is that’s causing us discomfort, or worse disease.

This is particularly important within the context of committing to Calm since stress and emotional turbulence is what we are trying to heal. Practices like deep breathing, meditation and yoga are excellent ways of healing and managing these, but until we understand and fix the root cause of any stress or emotional turbulence, then anything Calming we practice, remains a band-aid for the symptoms.

So I’d encourage you to spend some time considering this point and make a conscious effort to take a close look at what triggers stress or emotional discomfort in your life. And don’t take the first thing you think of at face value. Keep asking yourself questions like; “why is this ‘really’ causing me stress or discomfort? What underlying fears, anxieties or memories are contributing to this causing me stress? What changes do I need to make, to make this situation ok?”.

More often than not, you’ll be very surprised by what comes up. You’ll also find that there’s something paradoxically calming in becoming aware of a root cause. Understanding and clarity is half the battle.

Only by unearthing the root cause behind our emotional and physical issues, can we really begin to heal them completely.

As an Agent of Calm, this falls under the 8th Vow, of doing the deep work to make sure we only bring positive energy to our lives and the community around us.

Peace and calm


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