#14 | Investing in Unicorns Over Breakfast

(True story)

“Daddy, what are you and Mummy talking about?”

“Something called investment, darling”

“What’s inveswent?”

“Good question, sweetie.”

Daddy hands Ava her Unicorn pencil…


Unicorn pencil
Unicorn Pencil


“If I wanted to buy your Unicorn pencil from you today, how much money would you ask Daddy for?”

(thinking, but also troubled about losing her Unicorn pencil)

“Twenty gold coins?”

“Ok, twenty pounds. Seems a bit punchy but you’ve got a deal. Now, imagine Disney – the people that made Frozen – make a film about Unicorns, and everyone in the world falls madly in love with Unicorns.”

(Huuuuuge smiles and the distant sound of a worm can opening)

“Now, pretend you’ve seen the film at the cinema, and now you want to buy the pencil back from me. How much do you think you’ll have to pay?”

(Looking concerned)

“About thirty twenty million coins?”

“Not bad, not bad (laughing). So you see, Daddy ‘invested’ in your Unicorn pencil and made lots of pocket money, because Disney made a film about Unicorns and now everyone wants one. And the more people want Unicorns, the more money you can ask them to pay for yours.”

(Reaching back for the pencil whilst nodding enthusiastically)

“But Daddy…”

(here it comes)

“…Disney hasn’t made a film about Unicorns, has they?”

“Ah, well, no darling they haven’t. But let’s not get into that now, it’s time for school!”


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