The Power of The Personal Audit (have you done this?)

Dear Self,
It’s the end of Jan, 2018.
What are you playing at?
Not much? Too much?
Not enough?
Have you taken your personal audit yet?
Then #SFA! Step back, reflect on what you know and run the audit.
Why? Clarity, alignment, focus, energy, commitment.
So here’s goes. Not everyone’s will be the same. Be brave enough to be you:
2019 Personal MO Check-in:
1. Working smart is much more of a force multiplier than just working hard and being busy. You’re not kidding anyone. Are you woking smart?
2. Are you finding 30 minutes to be still, silent and breath everyday?
3. Are you exercising for 20 minutes first thing in the morning? If not, put the phone down and get on it.
4. Once you decide to do something, anything, go all in. Don’t be the kitten with a ball of wool.
5. Procrastination is an escape mechanism for people scared to do their best work. Man-up!
6. Give people x25 of the time and value they expect. You know what happens next…
7. Don’t do it if you’re not having fun. Period. There’s too much resentment in the world as it is.
8. If you’re not scared daily, you’re not growing. Again, man-up and jump in.
9. Be the most generous, optimistic and kind person in every room you’re in.
10. Your phone is costing you your fortune. Put. It. Down.
11. When you think no-one else believes in your vision, that’s when you absolutely must stay true to that vision. Have the guts to stay in the game far longer than it makes any sense. One day…
Good job. And so to Feb.


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