How To Prepare For A Dragon

It’s a dragon, Jim. But not as we know it.

This is the game that life plays with us. It sends us dragons. And these dragons come to test us. Physically, emotionally, mentally.  Sometimes all three.

They can be self-inflicted, sure. But most – and the worst –  swoop in unannounced, asking questions of our strength and resolve. Often razing hard built lives to the ground.

Ah such an ‘un-virtuous’ circle these dragons create. Good days and bad days, without rhyme or reason. For me personally, my dragon wears the marque of the evil C.  There are good days. During which I am gifted an unusual sense of urgency to get things done and make things happen. But then there are the bad days.  When best laid plans get shelved. People let down. Meetings chalked off.  And worse, you don’t really want to tell the truth – as to some, an injured wolf is a poor bet – so opportunities dissolve. You fade.

Damn these dragons. But, as hard it may be, we must try and use their invasion, to learn and grow. So when a dragon snarls, what can we do to give ourselves the best possible chance? For levity, growth and survival?

Here are 10, tried and tested ways to make dragon time more bearable. No matter what form it takes.

  1. Be honest and open with those you trust. You’re being pushed into a terribly hard journey, don’t make it harder by having to duck and weave. Transparency is Light.
  2. Expand your view of what is what. Bad to be poorly, good to be alive. To share. To teach. Gratitude is oxygen.
  3. Give yourself a break and listen to your body. Biology is consciousness.
  4. Take an audit of what you can do from home. What you may do if you feel alright, and what you need to 100% put on hold. If people don’t like it, then they’re not worth your time. Or your courage.
  5. Is Money an issue? Look for help, speak to friends and family, doctors etc..the support is there. Money has two faces. Don’t assume it’s an enemy. There is always a way. Always.
  6. Stay positive and focused – if you’re relapsing, then it means you’ve beaten it once. You can do it again – but you need ‘you’ on your side. More than anyone else.
  7. Get clear. On everything – what’s worrying, what’s good, what’s odd, hopeful, scary – everything. Write it down. Talk, share and then understand where you need support.
  8. Outside of medicine, build your back up team – healers, mentors, friends. And create a physical environment that supports what you need. Make it warm. Make it healing. Safe. Honest. Supportive.
  9. And know, above all else, that everything will be ok. Everything will be ok.  You are not broken. You are simply human. And to be human is a wonderful thing.
  10. Try and embrace the dualism of life. The balance, the perfect balance that exists in all things. No one thing can exist without its polar opposite. And so we can remove labels and find the deep calm in allowing ourselves to be expressed by and through nature.

There is a time for everything. And this too, will pass.

[And breathe]


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