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A Dispatch On The Root Cause

Recently I reached out to someone who lives with the same disease as I do. He’s quite a well-known expert in his field and co-author of an excellent book (that everyone should read); Cancer Killers.

Since he had beaten the disease naturally, I asked for his advice. He very graciously took the time to reply. His message was simple; “The disease is the symptom, attacking the symptom won’t cure you, you need to find and fix the root cause”.

Naturally I reflected a lot on what he shared, and disease aside, it struck me as to how central, and essential that truth is to so many other areas of our lives.


A Chopra List Worth Learning Early

Quick copy+paste from Deepak Chopra’s recent musings: “A Better Way to Think About Your Body”. ¬†Fast-track to his list at the end for an example of something we should have learned as children. “Mind-oriented practices like meditation improve well-being throughout the system, all the way down to the genetic level. There is abundant and mounting evidence that all of these...