Music For Moving 020419


Travel is a powerful midwife for thought. Add the right music, and all bets are off.

This is 80 minutes of rolling, melodic house. Put together as a soundtrack to the travel I’ve been doing recently, and to help with all those monkey’s swimming around in my head. Get into it.

Enjoy, and moving.

Dragon Dreams Pt 2 | Melodic House For Moving


“And we must smile through our tears, and keep, and keep on moving”
Liberation 3 (1996)


1) Michi – Circles
2)Zankee Gulatte – Breath
3)Freak me – Moyo
4)Lowell Hayes – Crossfade
5)Daniel Navrotsy – Take Me out
6)Pinonal – Tempest
7)Robert Babicz – Space Disco
8)Ambient Soul – Imagination
9)Blancha – Apnela
10)Enamour – Soul Release
11)Dmitry Molosh – 2702
12)Lost Soul – Landscapes

Beatz Against Time

(No-one said this wasn’t going to be an eclectic journey)

I use music to claw back against the inevitability of time. And there are few places more conducive to time travel then between a pulsating pair of headphones.

Here’s one I made earlier (I don’t do kids birthdays)

Have a fabulous weekend.