A Dispatch On The Root Cause

Recently I reached out to someone who lives with the same disease as I do. He’s quite a well-known expert in his field and co-author of an excellent book (that everyone should read); Cancer Killers.

Since he had beaten the disease naturally, I asked for his advice. He very graciously took the time to reply. His message was simple; “The disease is the symptom, attacking the symptom won’t cure you, you need to find and fix the root cause”.

Naturally I reflected a lot on what he shared, and disease aside, it struck me as to how central, and essential that truth is to so many other areas of our lives.


Remission. Closure. And A Change Of Venue.

Dear Everyone, I hope you are well, happy and thriving out there during this awkwardly turbulent time in the world. So, it’s been over 9 months now since my life, and that of my family was somewhat turned upside down, in the cruelest and unexpected of ways. It’s also been 9 months since we received […]


Day Minus 1

And so it begins. The process officially started yesterday on what they call ‘Day – 1’. So, high dose of well-trained Chemo agent in, and on its way to perform its rebooting mission. So far so good. Nestled up in Room 609, in the exceptional ‘Cotton Rooms’. Holding tight, and staying calm. Let the ride […]


The Suite on Huntley Street

My weekly visit to the Chemo Suite at UCLH has become a strangely grounding experience. Inside, it feels and looks like a living, contemporary art installation celebrating the range and depth of human emotion. Turning what should be a 15-minute therapy session, into an all-day plunge of soulful contemplation. As part of my front line […]


Resilience 101

Individually and collectively, ¬†we all face challenging times in our lives. It’s an unavoidable albeit essential part of life and growth. So building and protecting some life hardiness and resiliency is naturally essential. Given my own personal circumstances and the journey I’m on right now, I’ve been keeping a keen eye out for useful writing […]